( 02 ) Introduction

Our bar is transportive, a subterranean porthole to an experience untethered to the outside world. To walk away from the city and all that you currently know, stepping into a vessel where the only reality is the stories told - our drinks are those stories.

( 03 ) The Concept

"We are not trying to change what is already done in Hong Kong, instead, Artifact bar celebrates what we already see. We are a bar celebrating connection, and the evidence of the journey through what is inside the glass and drinks we create." - Beckaly & Ezra

J Frank

Bar Manager

Beckaly Franks


Ezra Star


( 05 ) Our Drinks Menu

The drinks are a journey of time, ocean and earth by the way of the glass, with a focus on international brown spirits and how oak and ageing changes the essence of what we drink.

( 06 ) Our Bar Food

Curated by Chef Sato, the bar food continues the conversation on caviar with an influence on Japanese culture through exclusive dishes & limited time specials to pair perfectly with the drinks.
Interior design of a cocktail bar in Hong Kong by NCDA agency located in Central.

( 07 ) Our Space

The bar features booth tables, high-tables and seats by the bar. Created by leading designers NCDA, the interior is inspired by the rhythm & repetition of surreal geometry and the serene atmospheres found in underground water reservoirs.
Artifact cocktail bar located in Central, interior designed by leading NCDA designer in Hong Kong.

( 08 ) Reservations

Bookings can only be made for bar booth tables from Wednesday - Saturday. Limited seats will be left for walk-ins. Please note: we allow large group bookings, private events & can offer offsite catering.